Seismic Energy Products, Inc.

SEP provides custom fabricated structural bearings for buildings, bridges and infrastructure world wide.

Since 1957 when SEP produced the first US Elastomeric Bridge Bearing, SEP has maintained its leadership in bearing technology, quality and on time delivery. That's why SEP produces more Seismic Bearings, PTFE Slide Bearings and Elastomeric Bearings and is the #1 structural bearing supplier in the US.

  • SEP Seismic Isolators are designed, manufactured and tested to withstand numerous design-level events.  

  •  SEP Slide Bearings are a proven and economical solution for use as structural support where seismic movement or temperature-related expansion and contraction are possible.  

  • SEP Elastomeric Bearings have been a vital component in bridge spans for over 40 years.  

Seismic Isolator Design Template

Please see the attached Design Template if you have a current project under design. Just fax it to 903.677.4980 or email it to

SEP Bearings

Slide Bearing

Elastomeric Bearing


Seismic Isolator Design

SEP will assist you in assessing the feasibility of using seismic isolation on your project, as well as aid you in modeling the isolators in your analysis and detailing the connections to the substructure and superstructure.

Alternatively, SEP can review your isolator design and provide input on the most economical isolator configurations, testing requirements and specifications. SEP will also work with you to develop alternative isolator geometry for applications with limited space and/or access.